Our Vision

“Add a Touch of Luxury to Your bottle of Wine


A bottle of wine or Champagne is the most popular alcoholic beverage for any occasion. That was exactly what we experienced two years ago.

We attended a birthday party on a hot summer night. We brought a bottle of fine Champagne and placed it on the gift table. It seemed that the majority of the guests had the same idea as ours. Our bottle of Champagne vanished in the ocean of other bottles on the table, not unique or special at all. Nothing made our bottle stand out of the crowd. That night got us thinking. Even though it is the inside that counts, it is still the outside that gives the first impression. We want the outside to reflect the inside! How could we add a touch of luxury to the bottle?

There and then an idea was born, which would be start of the company, Monteliz.


The goal is to make luxury design available for the trendy customer. Monteliz is a creative fusion of Swedish timeless design and continental luxury.

We are passionate about stylish design combined with the ambition to build the best packaging design for wine or Champagne bottles. We offer luxury wine cases that comes in various designs and sizes.

Monteliz Wine Case is suitable for both small and big occasions in life. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, party, wedding, partner or just adding some glamour to the picnic, Monteliz Wine Case, is the perfect choice!

The wine case is also functional and ensures that the beverage stays cool longer, and at the same time it is an elegant compliment to any modern kitchen or home. In addition, the case is eco-friendly and can be reused.